Personal data collection


When you register as a Biomooi HK member, this website will ask you to provide required personal information, such as member account number, password, name... and other information. Member information is only available for use on the Biomooi HK website and will not be disclosed or leaked to you Personal data; and please members must "log out" your personal account and close the browser after using the website.

Business information or email transmission

When you join a member, BiomooimHK also obtains your consent to provide business information via email to avoid missing information and protect your membership rights.

Personal information modification

When you join a member or log in, you can change any personal information you entered in the member center at any time (except for the "member account" field), and you can modify it after logging in to the member.

Data security and protection methods

We use the best technology to protect your personal data security, and install a firewall to prevent illegal intrusion to prevent your personal data from being accessed illegally.