Purchase goods and quantity

When you see the goods you want to buy, please confirm the quantity you want to buy,

Click "Add to Cart" and this item will be placed in your shopping cart .

Fill in the receiving information and choose the payment method

To ensure the success of the transaction, as well as goods quickly and unmistakably sent to your hands,

Please fill in the order information carefully, especially the recipient's information .

​The payment method can be PAYME payment or bank transfer.

Delivery methods

All Hong Kong orders use SF Express cash on delivery (the freight is paid by the buyer) .

​If you need to ship to other countries, please contact us.

Order confirmation notice

When the order is confirmed, the system will automatically send an email to you. If the shopping list has not been received for more than 24 hours,

You can go to the member area to check your consumption records, or contact our customer service staff.

Precautions before ordering

1. After your order is sent and before the goods are sent, it may be cancelled due to out of stock or other reasons,

To extend the shipping date of your order, we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange the follow-up delivery.

2. Due to the purchase of goods through the computer screen, there may be factors such as color difference or resolution of the personal computer screen.

The color and texture of the actual product are slightly different. We do not accept returns due to this factor, please confirm before ordering .

(Including whether the product size is appropriate)

3. Orders sent by customers on Saturdays and Sundays will be processed on the next Monday. If public holidays, they will be processed on the next day.

4. For example, during special events and beauty exhibitions, returns and exchanges are not accepted after the products are sold.

Precautions before shipment

1. After confirming the order shipment notification, our customer service specialist will send you an email.

2. Details of the seven-day warranty period and instructions for return:

The company includes a "seven-day quality guarantee period" guarantee period non-trial period!

(A period of seven days from the second day when the goods are delivered to the government) stipulates:

-During the "seven-day quality guarantee period", you can contact Biomooi HK for return service,

The shipping fee for delivery shall be borne by the member.

-Returns within the "seven-day warranty period" period,

Please ensure that the product is packaged intact, and sent back to us together with the order form.

-If the packaging is obviously damaged, or part of the packaging and content is missing, it is difficult to provide return services.

-After confirming the return, you can exchange for other products but no refund.

-The return will affect the discount of other products in the order and the right to rebate points

(That is, the product will restore the discounted price and make up the difference).

Before placing an order, please reconfirm whether there is a possibility of return.

-Frequent returns without reason may affect membership, please reconfirm whether you need to return.

Instructions for replacement of defective products

The definition of product defects will be determined by the company's professional judgment. If the product is confirmed to be free of defects,

We will send the goods back to the member, and the shipping fee shall be borne by the member. If it is indeed defective, the freight will be paid by the company.

If you have any questions about ordering, return or exchange, please call the customer service specialist.

Customer service hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Customer Service Hotline (WhatsApp): +852 5400 3376

Address: Room D2, 28/F, Telecom Plaza, 10 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong

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